Evolving Styles Hardback No.12 (International Delivery)

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For art aficionados who want knowledge of the most innovative artists of the 21st century, our hardback special edition art magazine is a definitive source of the icons and major players working in the art world today. This landmark edition is a definitive collection of works, chronicling the most influential artists to evolve the contemporary and street art movement.

Evolving Styles features the latest works, plus interviews with international artists including:

Blek le Rat, Nick Walker, David Choe, D*Face, Herakut, Xenz, Sickboy, INSA, TASSO, Dave Kinsey, Conor Harrington, Stormie, Josh Keyes, Byroglyphics, Mudwig, Albert Reyes, HelloVon, Sucklord, Nick Purser, Karborn, PMKFA, Mr Kern, Art Army, Jody Barton, Part 2, Wish One, Zone 56, Steven R. Gilmore, IEMZA, Kate Moross, Paris, SAM3.

Pagination: 96pp (92pp Matt / 4pp Hardback Cover).
Size: W 205mm x H 270mm.