Best Gifts for Her

You want to give your girlfriend the best gift to celebrate the anniversary of your first date, or perhaps a special gift for your mum or niece’s birthday, or it’s the day of the love and you want to surprise your wife with a romantic Valentine gift. Maybe your best friend has just passed her final exams. Whatever the occasion you’re looking for the gift to mark the event should be special to her. Here are some ideas to help you.

Let her know what she means to you

roseYour gift may be something she would not buy for herself, but would suit her perfectly. If she has told you specifically what it is she wants you to buy for her birthday, get it. However, put some thought and effort into wrapping the gift, for example, use an old map as gift wrap if she likes to travel or wrap the gift with ribbons and bows for a romantic look. Remember to include a card with the gift with an appropriate message already pre-printed or enclose a letter, on nice paper in your own handwriting, even if it is a bit scrawly, telling her how grateful you are that she is in your life and what it is you love and appreciate about her. You can write whatever feels right. The letter on its own is a priceless gift and one that will be treasured.

When choosing a surprise gift for her, consider first her hobbies and her interests. Consider the personality of the girl or woman you’re buying for. Be sure it is what she would want and not want you like best.

Make her day

Get her a framed picture of you two, whether it be your girlfriend, your grandmother or your close friend. Personalise it by making the frame or have a bought frame engraved with your names at the top and the date the photograph was taken on the base. Or frame a picture of her favourite poem or quote that inspires her or makes her smile.

If you want to give flowers, decide if you want to give a bouquet, an arrangement or a potted plant. A potted plant will last much longer for those who have a garden and enjoy caring for plants. Flowers are symbolic of many traits including courage, loyalty, faith and purity as well as love. If you don’t know her favourite flower, a little bit of research will allow you to choose the flowers that represent her best or show your feelings for her. A red rose is a popular flower for your lover as it represents love and passion. A tulip, iris and lily also represents love so be imaginative whether you go for a single stem or an enormous bouquet.

Jewellery is another classic gift for a girl. Find out her style with regards to jewellery. You want to buy her something she will wear and not just keep in a box. If you’ve only ever seen her wear classic jewellery, it is unlikely that she will wear a bracelet cuff covered in gems of all colours unless she has recently expressed an interest in being more bold with her wardrobe. It may be wise not to gift a girlfriend a ring unless you are planning to propose or you’re already married. If you want to make a grand gesture then diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If budgets are tight, gift her ear-rings which have smaller diamonds and as they are not usually seen up close, are of a lower quality than that found in other jewellery, though it’s not usually obvious.

You may want to give your girl a gift ‘just because’ and not for any specific occasion. If you have an inside joke for example about monkeys, get her a stuffed monkey, or make her a sock monkey.

Another idea is to get a fleece or T shirt from a place that is memorable to you both. Or create a memory by doing something different to your usual routine. Go out for a meal so she doesn’t have to cook. Make a picnic and go to the park. Consider a trip to the theatre or museum, a walk in nature or along the beach. Consider what she would like and arrange the transport, snacks and drinks.

A gift that takes a lot of time, but is well worth the effort as a gift for your girlfriend or wife, is to make a scrapbook with 100 reasons why you love her. You don’t have to write them out all at once, the best reasons are those you save in the lead up to her birthday or your anniversary. She will be amazed at the time and thought you have put into this. It is a true gift of love she will treasure forever.